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Kratom Tolerance – How it happens and How to Overcome It

Like many substances, some kratom users report developing a tolerance with regular use. This can result in a situation where the individual needs to ingest more kratom in order to get the desired effect. As with many elements of kratom use, each user’s experience is slightly unique and therefore, reports of tolerance vary as well. What is Kratom? Why is it Used? Kratom is a completely natural plant-based substance, derived from the leaves of a tree (Mitragyna Speciosa), which is native to southeast Asia. Native [...]


My Kratom Review – Why I Love Kratom Tea

There exists hundreds Asian teas and natural remedies in the planet in these days, but I’m not sure if you have ever heard of kratom. The word doesn’t seem like a great deal; it doesn’t actually sound like a helpful herb at all, but it does hint at the exotic universe of this all-natural medicine. I have used kratom and from now on I’m routinely taking kratom tea. Below are five good reasons why I love it and why I think [...]


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